Competitive Pricing Intelligence

No more retail blind spots: get a comprehensive, accurate view of your competitors’ omnichannel strategy. See in-store and online pricing, promotion, and assortment data.

Accurate and complete retail pricing data


  • Your access to in-store and online pricing data is frequently blocked and interrupted
  • Your competitive catalog matching is inaccurate and incomplete
  • Manually cleaning data takes 40-50 hours of your time each week, so assortment data is typically limited and out-of-date
  • Insufficient analysis of your competitors’ equivalent products
  • Something is always getting in the way of you acting on your insights immediately


  • Routinely collect data from hard-to-access locations and hard-to-match categories like fresh produce and private label
  • 100% accurate and complete competitive catalog matching
  • No more data scrubbing headaches! Enjoy reliable, ready-to-use insights.
  • Same-day, store-level coverage across in-store, online, and delivery services
  • Wield precise competitive data on product pricing, promotion, and assortment. Get a leg up with real-time, data-driven decision-making.

How it works

Get an edge on your competitors with accurate in-store and online pricing intelligence

Observa measures and manages your key items


Observa’s nationwide reps visit stores and capture GPS-verified shelf, display, and flyer data


Simultaneously, online pricing data is gathered from the same zipcodes


In-store and online data is validated, and products are matched


You receive reliable, ready-to-use competitive intelligence

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